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Command Task In SSB and How To Tackle It

Command Task In SSB

Command Task In SSB :

Command Task In SSB is generally conducted on Day-4 of GTO and is very much similar to progressive group task and half group task. 

The difference is that, in the command task in SSB, each candidate is given the opportunity to be a leader of a group and he is required to command his group in carrying out a given task. 

Here, only one task has to be completed. Here, the candidate is the leader and he should choose 2 or 3 candidates from his group as his subordinates. 

The purpose of the command task in SSB is to evaluate the commanding ability of the candidate.
In this task, the GTO explains the problem only to the commander and not to the other member of the group. 

Objectives of Command Task In SSB :

The main aim of the command task in SSB  is to assess the overall personality of the candidates, for which GTO looks for the following aspects in the candidates 

• To evaluate the candidate’s ability as a leader and how he controls and command the group. 

• Candidate’s ability to take quick decision. 

• Candidate’s ability to find multiple solutions for the problem. Candidate’s ability to try new ideas and take initiatives. 

• Candidate’s ability to influence the group and how well he knows his team member individually. 

• To check if the candidate is capable of using the right person at right place as per the ability of his members. 

• To check if the candidate is capable of delivering his plans and thoughts to his subordinates in an effective way and the same as that of the GTO. 

To check if the commander is able to encourage his men whenever required. 

RULES AND PROCEDURE for Command Task In SSB : 

Following are the rules that candidates have to follow :

• Every member of the group will be selected one by one by the GTO to act as a leader. 

• When you will be selected as a leader, GTO will take you to the location where the task is to be carried out. 

• GTO will clearly explain the task to you and in between, he will have some chatting with you just like an informal interview. 

• You have to choose 3 members from the group who will help you in completing the task. 

• You, as a leader, will explain the task to your subordinates and tell them what is the requirement and what is your plan to tackle the obstacle. 

• Team members should not interfere with or give their own suggestions as the responsibility of doing the task is that of the leader. 

• You will get 10 to 15 minutes to complete the task. 

Colour Rule of Command Task in SSB :

Red color is out of bound. Structures that are painted white can be used by individuals as supporting materials. 

There may be a central color also apart from red and white. Structures painted with the central color can be utilized only by the candidates and not to be utilized to keep load or helping material. 

If a candidate touches any out of the bound area, he will be disqualified and requires to restart from the point where the rule was broken. 

Rigidity Rule of Command Task In SSB :

This rule pertains to the rigid helping materials like planks, ballies. 

No two rigid supporting materials can be tied together for making an extension. e.g. if you have a plank and a balli, you are not supposed to tie them together to increase the length. 

However, you can keep one on the top of the other and use it. 

Distance Rule of Command Task In SSB :

In the obstacles, it will be seen, that neither you are touching the ground, nor the helping material should touch the ground. 

You have to utilize the permanent structures on the ground and the helping materials to cross the obstacle. 

The candidates are allowed to jump distances up to a maximum of 4 ft in length or height but distances exceeding 4 ft have to be crossed only with the help of supporting material. 

Rule of Infinity of Command Task In SSB :

The start line and the finish line should extend to infinity on either side.

Important Points to be Kept in Mind During Command Task In SSB :

  • A leader should listen to the instructions of the GTO carefully. Do observe your companions carefully during all the previous group task, so that you could select the correct person as your subordinates. 
  • You should allot duties to each member according to their strength.
  • Try to avoid asking ideas from the subordinates. Since in this scenario, you are the leader.
  • Also, if you were in a position of subordinate don’t talk or give ideas to the commander unless the GTO tells you to do so.
  • Explain the requirement of the task to your group member very clearly, quickly and confidently.
  • Do not lecture your team members and neither shout nor use any harsh words for them.
  • If any of your subordinates breaks the rule, then you should repeat the task from starting.
  • After explaining the tasks, ask the team members about the doubt, if any… 
  • As a leader, you have to supervise the working of the group. You must ensure that every member of the group participates in the task.
  • As a subordinate, you are also under observation. So, obey all the orders given by your leader.

As a subordinate, do not give suggestions to your leader and do not speak to the leader until he speaks to you. 

• In some cases, if your plan is executed very quickly then the GTO may impose extra situations to you, just to check your ability to perform under stressful conditions. 

• Always use chest number of your team member to communicate with them. 

• After completion of the task, never forget to thank your team members. 

So, Command Task In SSB plays a vital role to get a opportunities to become a leader.

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