Build a Website With Wix ADI

build a website with wix ADI

Hey everyone , Welcome back in new  tutorial of Wix Tutorial series . In last tutorial , we had learnt about the Wix Account Setup and today in this tutorial , we are going to create our fully functional and responsive website using Wix ADI . Before starting to build our website , let’s understand what is Wix ADI and how its work , how to create a Wix website using Wix ADI ?

What is Wix ADI ?

Whenever you signed up in wix account first time and after some steps , you will get two options to create your–

  • Using Wix ADI–

Wix ADI is a world’s first technology platform to create your website only by providing some details about which type of website do you want. ADI stand for Artificial Design Intelligence . It creates the stunning and fully responsive website in some minutes . It is first ever Artificial Intelligence which have capability to design stunning website .

It will ask you a number of questions related to your website like website name , type of website , name , your name , your address , choose template as your choice etc…

  • Using Wix Editor–

The second option , to create Wix website is Using Wix editor . In which you will get all tools which needed in purpose of creating website . You will get the option to upload media files , change background , change font , font style , font color etc as your choice .

Create Website with Wix ADI–

We have seen what is Wix ADI . Now it is the time to create website using Wix ADI practically . If you are a new user , you need to sign up otherwise you can login in Wix . There are few steps to create stunning website using Wix ADI as following…

  • Step (I) —

Whenever you will enter in your account , It will give you two option by using them you can create your stunning website . The first option is Let Wix ADI Create a website for You and second option is Create your Website with the Wix Editor by yourself as you can see in below image . You can select as your choice…

  • Step (II) —

Once you selected the Wix ADI option , in next step it will ask you the type of website do you want to create like Portfolio , designer , technology related etc… You can choose as your choice as shown in below image …

  • Step (III) —

Once you decided the type of your website then in next step it will ask you to add some other features if your website needed . You can add one or many as your’s website need . As you can see in below image …

  • Step (IV) —

Once you added some other features in your website , it will ask you to provide the nae of your website . You can give the name of your website in red highlighted area as shown in below image and click on next button.

  • Step (V) —

Once you provided the name of your website , it will ask you the location of your business if this website is for your business , if not you can skip this option .

  • Step (VI) —

In this step , it will ask you to help Wix ADI to know in your Business location if you provided in previous step.

  • Step (VII) —

In this step , Wix ADI will show you all Business profile related to your given information . If you are related to any of them , you can select it otherwise you can skip the step.

  • Step (VIII) —

In this step , Wix ADI will ask you to upload the logo for your Website . You can add here logo from your computer.

  • Step (IX) —

After submitting the logo for your website , in this step it will ask you to pick a theme as your choice .As shown in below image…

  • Step (X) —

After selecting a teme for your website , it will ask you to pick a homepage design as your choice . As shown in below image ..

  • Step (XI) —

Oh my God ! Truly , Wix ADI built a stunning and responsive website as i need . If you want to change anything , you can edit here as your choice and after completing editing in your website , yo u can connect this Wix website to your domain and press the Publish button as shown in below image to make live your website.

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So this was the brief introduction of Wix ADI . We built a beautiful website by using Wix ADI with live demonstration  through image   . If you have any query regarding to this tutorial , you can ask in comment box . Your question will be appreciated .

Stay Connected , Thank You !

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