How to prepare for an exam? What are the some most effective exam preparation tips? It is a general and most commonly asked question by students. To prepare for an exam may be stressful and time consuming but it does not have to be. By taking stress, your performance may be down in exam. By doing a couple of things, you can prepare the best for your exam and you will be confident for your upcoming exams.

So, hey everyone, here I’m going to provide some exam preparation tips to score more in exam by following these simple couple of things. 

Study smarternot harder :

In today’s world, the competition level of every single exam is very high so to get success in exam, students must study smarter not harder. It is first exam preparation tip.

The meaning of smarter study is that to observe previous at least last 10 year previous year question papers and find the most important topics and give pay focus on those topics and pay less focus on those topics which are asked in rare time in exam.

This is called study smart instead of doing study hard. 

Plan for every day :

Every students must plan for every single day. Students are suggested to make plan for your day before starting the day. If students plan for next day before going to bed, it will help them to memorize their tasks to do which have planned. It is second exam preparation tip.

Make Short Notes :
 Making short note of every lesson/subject is an element of smart study. It will less time to revise your important topics in exam time. Students are suggested to make short note of every important topics on which they have to focus more than others. It is third exam preparation tip.

Quick Revision :

 The most important thing is revision. It does not matter how much you have read but if you do not revise things what have you learnt, you will not remember things for long time. So, revision is most important to gain more score in exam. It is fourth exam preparation tip.

You can fix schedule of revision like one day in a week of one day in a month you have to revise whole things what have you learnt.

Group Study :

Group study plays a vital role to clear your doubt because in group study there are several students who shares their ideas to each other by which you can ask them your question. 

By group study, your revision will be well done, your doubts will be cleared and you will learn new things to others. It is fifth exam preparation tip.

Explain Things to Others :

Every students should make a habit to explain their ideas, answers, thoughts to others. Because, by doing this thing you will remember things for a ling time. It is sixth exam preparation tip.

Solve Previous Year Question Papers :

This is a most important factor of smart study to solve previous year question papers because It will give you basic understanding of exam pattern, which type of questions are asked etc. There are so many benefits of solving previous year question papers as follows

  • Time Management Idea
  • Paper Pattern Idea
  • Level of Question
  • Strength and Weakness
  • Boosts your speed
It was the seventh exam preparation tip to do great in exam.

Take Regular Breaks :

It is most important to take regular break. Regular break is needed to your brain to work properly. Studying long hours is not best static because long-term retention of knowledge is almost. Take a small break after every 50-60 minutes.  It is eighth most effective exam preparation tip.

The most important part of studying is to develop a routine that fits your study style.

Stay Positive :

You should always stay positive. Because negative thinking impacts your study by which your performance may be down. SO always stay positive, talk positive and think positive and make positive positive friends.

It was final exam preparation tip and there are also many other exam preparation tips but you should only have to trust on yourself.