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Final Group Task In SSB

Final Group Task In SSB

Final Group Task In SSB :

This is the final group task(FGT) in SSB. It is the last chance for the candidates to show up their qualities. 
In fact, final group task can be a deciding factor in the case of certain marginal candidates who have not been able to put in their very best so far. 

This test is same as the Progressive Group Task (PGT) and Half Group Task (HGT) but the difference is that in the previous two, you had to cross many obstacles but in this final test, you will have to cross only one. 

For this task, you will again be brought back in the group of 8 to 10 candidates. 

There is again an obstacle which is an area bounded by the parallel lines called the start line and finish line. 

The ground between the two lines is out of binding for both man and material. 

In this, out of the bound area, some structures are present and you have to use that to go from the start line to the finish line with all the men and supporting material. 

Objectives of Final Group Task In SSB :

In the final group task, GTO confirms his findings of each candidate, so each candidate should try his best to show his qualities which he may not have been able to show earlier. 

The main aim of the final group task is to neutralise the error, if any, and also remove the doubts of GTO about any of the candidates. 

For that, GTO takes a final look at the candidates to make a fair and correct judgement of the capabilities of each candidate. 

The personality traits which GTO looks for is the same as PGT and HGT. 

GTO assesses the following qualities in the candidates through Final Group Task In SSB :

  • Team spirit 
  • Planning and organising ability 
  • Cooperation 
  • Reasoning ability
  • Social adaptability 
  • Physical and mental stamina 
  • Confidence level 
  • Leadership qualities 
  • Power of expression 

Rules and Procedures of Final Group Task In SSB :

The Final Group task is very much same as the PGT and HGT, so the rules and procedures are also the same like the other group tasks, therefore the GTO will tell you the instructions in brief. 

Following are the rules which candidates have to follow 
  • GTO will explain the procedures and requirements of the test to the candidates. 
  • GTO will tell them that supporting materials like plank, rope, balli will assist the candidates in the solutions of the problem. 
  • In the Final Group Task, only one obstacle is to be tackled for which generally 15 to 20 minutes are allotted. 
  • Candidates have to carry a load like a sandbag or an empty drum from the start line to the finish line with the help of supporting materials like plank, rope and balli. 
  • Various structures available in the out of bounds area are bench-shaped structures, goal post, raised platforms, cross-shaped structures, ‘T-shaped structures. 
  • In the end, GTO will address the doubts you have but once the task started, you are not allowed to ask any question. 
Colour Rule In Final Group Task In SSB :

The area painted is red colour between the start line and the finish line is out of binding for both man and material. 

Structures that are painted in white can be used by individuals as supporting materials. 

There may be a blue/black colour also apart from red and white. 

Structures painted in the blue/black colour can be utilised only by the candidates and not to be utilised to keep load or supporting material. 

If a candidate touches any out of the bound area, he gets disqualified and requires to restart from the point where the rule was broken. 

Rigidity Rule In Final Group Task In SSB :

No two rigid supporting materials can be tied together for making an extension. e.g. if you have a plank and a balli, you are not supposed to tie, them together to increase the length. However, you can keep one on the top of the other and use it. 

Distance Rule In Final Group Task In SSB :

The candidates are allowed to jump distances up to a maximum of 4 ft in length or height, but distances exceeding 4 ft have to be crossed only with the help of supporting material. Rule of Infinity The start line and the finish line should extend to infinity on either side. 


  1. The given obstacle has at least 2-3 solutions. So, always look for the best possible solution. 
  2. To find the best solution, look at the structures as well as supporting material then only you will have an idea which route to take. 
  3. The planks can be used as a bridge or lever with the rope tied at one end and supported on a drum. 
  4. Use plank and balli as cantilever beam whenever required. 
  5. Tie the plank on the bench-shaped structure with the help of rope. 
  6. If required, the rope can be used to serve as a ladder. 
  7. Make a swing with the rope using the goal post. 

Important Points to be Kept in Mind During Final Group Task In SSB :

  • This is the last group task, so put your best efforts and try to take lead in the task. 
  • Start with sound planning and explain it to the group. Tell them how they are going to execute that. 
  • Try to help especially weaker members of your group to carry the supporting material. 
  • Be enthusiastic and encourage your team members. 
  • Do not rely on your previous performances and must put whole-hearted efforts to leave an effective and lasting impression on the GTO.
  • If you are running out of time, remain cool and composed. Never shout or use harsh words against any of your team members, 
  • Never look at the GTO while doing the tasks. 
  • Never violate the rules because. it is the basic of GTO tasks and in case, you violate the rule, just repeat the task.
  •  Be an active participant in the team by giving your full cooperation. 
  • Be positive in your views i.e. take consideration about other members, ideas if it is better than yours. 

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