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Git features and Working mechanism

Git features and Working mechanism

Hey everyone , welcome back in new tutorial of Git & Github tutorial series . In last tutorial we had learnt the Git installation process in our system and now in this tutorial we are going to see the important features of Git and it’s working mechanism in easy way.

How Git Works ?

The working of Git is done by creating the Repository  and committing them .

Features of Git–

There are many features of Git like it is distributed , compatible , non-linear , branching , lightweight , speed, secure etc… as shown in below image


Let’s take a look at all the features one by one.

  • Distributed— The first feature that we are going to look it is distributed means it is a distributed version control tool it means that the feature that gets provides you is that it gives you the power of having local repository and  let’s you have a local copy of the entire development history which is located in the central and it will fetch the all files from the central repository to get your local repository always updated and it is distributed because of there might be a number of collaborators of developers so they might be living [in a different parts of world.
  • Compatible– Git is compatible means if you might not be using Git on the first place but you have a different version control system already installed like SBN , Apache subversion or CVS and you want to switch to Git because obviously you are not happy with centralized version control system and you want a more distributed version control system so you want to migrate from SVN to Git but you are worry that you might have to transfer all the files that you have in your SVN repository into  a git repository . So you don’t need to worry because Git is compatible with SVN repositories.
  • Non-linear– Git supports the non-linear development of software now when you are working with Git , Git actually records the current state of your project by creating a tree graph from the index and you know that a tree is non-linear data structure  and it is usually actually directed acyclic graph so this is how Git facilitates a nonlinear development of software.
  • Branching– Git provides the nonlinear facilitates using the technique of branching in Git . Branching actually allows you to make a nonlinear software development and this is Git feature that actually makes it stand apart from nearly every other version control management tool because Git is only one which has a branching model .
  • Lightweight– It is very lightweight . You can think that a lot of users use Git and uploads there a lot of codes, projects so data might be very huge but actually Git uses lossless compression technique and it compresses the data on the client side so even though it might look like that it’s got a lot of files when it actually comes to store it or storing the data in your local repository it is all compressed and it doesn’t take up a lot of space .
  • Speed– Git provides you with a lot of speed . Since you have a local repository and you don’t  have to always travel over a network to fetch files so it does not take any time to get files into your work space from your local repository. If you see that it is hundred times faster fetching data from a remote repository because of Git is actually written in C and C is not other high level languages . It is very close to machine language so it reduces all the run time overheads and it makes all the processing very fast so Git is very small and Git is very fast.
  • Open Source– Git is open source means anyone can use it.
  • Reliable– Git is very reliable . You have a backup of all the files in your local repository so if your central server crashes you don’t have to worry your files are all saved in your local repository and even it’s not in your local repository it might be in some other developers’s local repository.
  • Economical– Git is actually released under the general public’s license and it means that it is for free. You don’t have to pay any money to download Git in your system .
  • Secure– Git is actually very secure because Git uses the SHA1 to name and identify objects so whenever you actually make change , it actually creates a commit object and after you have made changes and you have committed to those changes it is actually very hard to go back.

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So these are the important features of Git . I hope you will have learnt in easy way . If you have any query regarding to this tutorial , you can ask in comment box . Your question will be appreciated . Thank you !

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