Git & Github

Git & Github Tutorial

Git & Github Tutorial

Hello everyone , you are welcome in new Git and Github tutorial series . It is first part of this tutorial series in which we are going to start with brief introduction of Version Control System , why we use version control system  , what is Git , What is Github , how to manage it etcs…

First of all , before starting the main part of this tutorial , let’s know what we will learn in next coming tutorials. So in next coming tutorials , we are going to learn these following things….

  • Part-(I) Git Installation
  • Part-(II) How Git Works
  • Part-(III) Git Basic Commands
  • Part-(IV) Github-Components 
  • Part-(V) Github-Repository
  • Part-(VI) Github-Undoing Things
  • Part-(VII) Github-Branches
  • Part-(VIII) Github-Collaboration
  • Part-(IX) Github-Forking & Contributing

Git & Github Tutorial

What is Version Control System ?

  • In easy way , Version Control is a management system that manages the changes that you make in your project till in the end. The changes that you make might be some kind of adding some new files or you’re modifying the older files by changing the source code or something .
  • So Version Control System does is that every time you make a change in your project , it creates a snapshot of your entire project and save it and these snapshot are actually known as different Versions. If you are confusing that what is snapshot , so understand its like the snapshots are actually the entire state of your project at a particular time.It can contain what types of files your project is storing at that particular time and what kind of changes you have made.

Why use Version Control System ?

There are a number of things , because of why we need Version Control System.Let’s take a glimpse of such type of things….

  • Collaboration-It provides you shared workspace where every developers can perform theirs tasks . It is collaboration between the developers and you can visualize everyone’s work properly. By this way there will be no any chance of conflict.
  • Storing Versions- The next need of Version Control System is Storing Versions because of saving a version of your project after you have made changes is very essential and without a Version Control System it can actually get confusing because there might be some kind of questions that will arrive in your mind when you are trying to save a version  but with Version Control System you don’t have to worry about the questions – How much you need to save , how do you name them etcs… Version Control System always acknowledges that there is only one project.
  • Backup- It provides the local copy of all files to every one of the developers that is present in  central server inside their local machine and this is known as local copies . By which in case of any type of failure , it could backup easily.

Version Control System Tools :

There are many Version Control System Tools as following:

  • Git
  • Apache Subversion
  • Concurrent Version System (CVS)
  • Mercurial

What is Git ?

  • Basically , Git is Version Control Tool which will allow us to perform all the kind of operations to fetch data from the central server (Github) and to just push all your local files into the central server so this is what Git will allow you to do . It is just a Version Control Management tool.

What is Github ?

  • Here we can say that Github is code hosting platform for version control collaboration so Github is just a company that allows you to host your central repository in a remote server.
  • In very easy way , we can say that Github is a social network which is very similar to Facebook , only the difference is that Github is a social network for developers where in Facebook you’re sharing all your photos and videos or any kind of statuses and in Github developers share their program codes, projects about how they’ve worked on.

Git Features ?

There are a lot of features of Git as follows ;

  • It is distributed.
  • Branching
  • Light Weight
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Economical
  • Open Source
  • Speed

So, this was the basic introduction of Version Control System , features , needs, What is Git, Github etcs…I hope you will have learnt with very easy way.In next tutorial , we will learn The Installation process of Git.Stay connected…

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So , i hope you will have enjoyed this tutorial . If you have any query regarding to this tutorial , you can ask in comment box , your question will be appreciated .

Thank you !

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