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Git Installation

Git Installation

Hello everyone , Welcome back in new tutorial of Git & Github Tutorial series in which we had seen the brief introduction of Git & Github in last tutorial. In this tutorial , we are going to see Git installation and configuration steps in our system and how to configure it with Github to transfer our files using Git on Github. So let’s get started , first of all we will see how can we install Git in our system.

Git Installation–

  • There are few steps to install Git in our system. First of all you need to open your favorite browser and search for Git. The first website which will appear here will be from Git official site    This is the official website from which we can download the Git according to our Operating System.
  • Here you can download the Git client which is GUI (Graphical User Interface) client.If you don’t want to learn Git basic commands , you can download this but if you are a developer , you want to work with command line instead of GUI programs and if you are looking for a job then most of the companies will ask for the commands instead of this GUI application . So this GUI tool will not help you to understand the commands involved in Git so you should download the command line version instead of GUI application.
  • Once you downloaded this Git executable file , let’s run it.You will find the such type of images shown in below images…..


  • After the clicking on install button , the Git installation process will be begin and once it is installed successfully click on run Git bash option then you will find a bash shell as like command prompt etc…Once it is done , now the time is to configure the Github account to Git.


  • First of all you need to login to your Github account , if you don’t have any Github account you can create it to filling your information in Github signup form . That’s easy and once you are inside your github account .
  • Now create a new repository by filling the repository name , description and check the box to create the readme file.
  • Now launch your Git bash.
  • Right now you are in mingw 64 directory . You can just type CD to change directory and press enter , now you are in your home directory.
  • You can use Git bash as like UNIX command line so you can create directories , you can create files or anything here.
  • Now to configure our Github account to Git , so you need to give some basic commands as follows…
  1. git config –global “Your user name of Github account” and now press enter . This will set up your user name for your Git account and in this same way we can configure our email id by following command.
  2. git config –global [email protected] and now press enter. This time you don’t need to give this double quotes.

So this  was the process to configure your Github user name and email id with Git . Now you can create repository , you can clone your repository etc…which will be discussed everything in next tutorial so stay connected.

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I hope , you will have enjoyed this Git installation and configuration tutorial . If you have any query related to this tutorial , you can ask in comment box . Your question will be appreciated . Thank You !

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