Git & Github

Github Basic Components

Github Basic Components

Hello everyone , welcome back in new tutorial of Git & Github series . In last tutorial , we had learnt the basic commands and operations of Git . In this tutorial , we are going to see some basic components of Github and their functionality .

The list of basic components of Github are following–

  • Your Profile
  • Your Repository
  • Settings
  • Fork
  • Branch
  • Clone or Download

Repository :

  • As we know in Github ,   repository is just like a data space where we store our project files . When you will be logged in your Github account , you will get a option to New Repository , click on new repository tab as shown in below image…

  • After clicking on New Repository tab , you will get a screen where you can give the Title , description etc.. of Repository .
  • Once you have done it , click on Create Repository option.
  • After this , you will be eligible to upload files to this new created repository . 

Settings :

  • If you want to change your user name , passwords , email , security settings etc…you can do here . 

Your Profile :

  • If you want to change your profile image , want to see all your repositories , total stars , followers , following etc…can see here . It represents the overview of your Github account .

Branch :

  • By default when you create a repository , it goes under the Master branch . If you want to create any new branch , first of all you need to go any repository and here in left side you will get a tab of branch option , click on this tab and create a new branch . As shown in below image…

Clone or Download : 

  • If you want to clone or download any repository , first of all you need to go that repository and then click on Clone or Download tab as shown in below image…

  • After clicking on Clone or Download tab , you will get an URL , copy this URL and use this URL where you want to use like you can use in Git..

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So , it was the simple tutorial of Github in which we learnt about the basic components of Github . I hope , you will have enjoyed . If you have any query regarding to this tutorial , you can ask in comment box . Your question will be appreciated.

Stay Connected . Thank You !

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