Google Adsense Tutorial

google adsense tutorial step by step

Hello Everyone , Welcome back in tutorial series of Google Adsense . In which we will learn everything about Google adsense like what is Google Adsense , what are the terms and conditions of google adsense , how to get Google Adsense approval , Types of Google Adsense Ads , How to create ad units , tips and tricks to get Google adsense approval and how to earn money with Google Adsense etc . So , this tutorial is going to be more interesting . So , let’s start….

What is Google Adsense ?

 It is general question of all publishers and YouTubers that What is Google Adsense and how can we earn money with our website or YouTube channel  ? So , basically as the name clears that there are two words first is Google & second one is Adsense . I think everyone knows about Google and may be you heard manytimes the word Adsense . Google ads supports in all type of devices like Laptop , tablet , mobile . So , Adsense is a advertising Publishing program by Google . It shows the ads on websites and YouTube channels according to its terms and policies . By this way publishers can earn money when visitors view those ads and click the ads .

Suppose that I’m a advertiser and i have a website. Now i want to promote my website so there are two ways to promote my website as follows…

  1. I can search the all famous websites and list them . After it, direct contact them and ask to show my banner ads on their websites . So , it is not possible because there are a lot of websites and to list and contact them may take a long time . So , in this case 2nd way will be he best solution .
  2.  There are some advertising companies like Adsense , , propellerads etc where advertiser can pay some amount to these companies to show their promotion ads on different websites . So these advertising companies show the ads on that websites which have the approval of to show ads .

How to Monetize Website with Adsense ?

  • If you have any website and you are thinking to earn some money by this so Adsense is the best option to earn money by your website. There are some conditions of Adsense to show ads on your website like first of all you need to take Adsense approval and after that you can . 
  • Adsense checks your whole website that , is it following the Policies of Google Adsense or not ? 
  • Generally , there should be more than 30+ valuable posts in your website , each posts must have 300+ words and there are many more factors to get Google Adsense approval which will be discussed in next coming posts.

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So , it was the basic overview of Google Adsense in which we learnt about the Adsense , it’s terms and conditions etc . If you have any query regarding to this post , you can ask in comment box , Your question will be appreciated . .In next tutorial we will learn the Policies of Adsense in detail . So , next tutorial is going to be little more interesting . 

So, stay connected . Thank You !

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