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Group Obstacle Race In SSB

Group Obstacle Race In SSB

Group Obstacle Race In SSB :

Group Obstacle Race In SSB is also known as the snake race. All candidates are divided into four groups of about 8 to 10 candidates. 
In Group Obstacle Race, the group is made to race against another over a set of 6 obstacles. Whichever group first completes all the six obstacles, wins the race. 
The group is also required to carry a snake which is actually a tent rolled into the shape of a huge snake (about 6 to 8 ft). 
There are certain principles and rules which must be followed by the group as well as the candidates individually. 
These rules will be explained to candidates by the GTO concerned before the task begins. 
Whenever there is any violation of rules by the group or individual candidate, the whole group is penalized by the GTO of that group. 

Objective Of Group Obstacle Race In SSB :

Through this task, both physical and mental power of candidates is checked. Following qualities are checked by the GTO Through Group Obstacle Race In SSB : 

• Physical and mental toughness of each candidate 

• Determination and courage 

• Team spirit 

• Attitude towards group members 

• Self-confidence 

• Cooperation 

• Adaptability of the situation 

• Sense of responsibility 

• Ability to initiate 

• Interest and enthusiasm in the task 

Rules and Procedure Of Group Obstacle Race In SSB :

The basic rules for Group Obstacle Race In SSB are as follows :

1. in any condition, the snake should not touch the ground. 

2. The snake should be held by at least 3 persons all the time. 

3. Between the obstacles; and; while starting and finishing; all the members of the group should hold the snake. 

4. Never touch the out of the bound region on the obstacle. Sometimes, these areas are of red color. 

5. The snake provided to the candidates is to be carried straight without bending or folding. 

6. The group always uses the same channel that has been assigned to them. 

7. The snake will follow the same path as the group members do. 

8. Unless the last candidate in the group has crossed a particular obstacle, the group is not allowed to move on to the next obstacle. 

9. You can cheer up your members and use war cry such as Jai Ho Jai Hind, etc for motivating them. 

10. Don’t shout at or abuse any member in your group. 

11. There are penalties for a rule violation. 

Important Points to be Kept in Mind During Group Obstacle Race In SSB :

Following mentioned points should be kept in mind during Group Obstacle Race In SSB

• Listen to the GTO carefully when he is talking about the rules and procedure and follow all the instructions, 

• It is a group task so the achievement of the team is more important than an individual. So think for the group instead of yours… 

• Never try to show off your individual skill, your effort will always be noticed by the GTO. 

• In case anyone from your group breaks the rule, then voluntarily you have to repeat the obstacle according to the rule. 

• Always take a calculated risk. Don’t hesitate to take responsibility. 

• Never go for the next obstacle unless the last candidate in the group has crossed a previous obstacle. 

• Help the heavy members to cross the wall obstacle. 

OBSTACLES IN Group Obstacle Race In SSB :

There are six obstacles to this task. Their illustration and details are following Obstacle No. 1 (Ramp and Jump) 

• This obstacle is quite simple and easy to cross. 

• You have to climb through a plank or ballies with snake and jump to the other side. This is about 4 ft in height. 

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