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Half Group Task In SSB

Half Group Task In SSB

Half Group Task In SSB :

Half Group Task In SSB is very much similar to the progressive group task. In this ask, the group is divided into two equal halves. 
So, each group has 4 to 10 candidates. Since it is a smaller group and the task allotted is the same, each candidate is observed in great detail.

The purpose behind conducting Half Group Task in SSB is to give a chance to those candidates who feel that they were not able to give their best in PGT. 

So, it gives the candidates better opportunities to demonstrate their caliber. GTO too gets an opportunity to make a closer and more detailed assessment of the performance of each candidate. 

It is essentially a group task and the members must work for the group in the core spirit of cooperation and coordination. 

OBJECTIVES OF Half Group Task In SSB : 

The main objectives of the Half Group Task in SSB is to judge candidates

  • His/Her ability to grasp the rules and conditions 
  • Team spirit and cooperation 
  • Organising ability 
  • Observation power 
  • Social adaptability 

The following qualities of the candidates are checked during Half Group Task In SSB :

  • • Practical intellect 
  • • Innovative skill 
  • • Analytical skill 
  • • Responsibility 
  • • Determination and courage

Rules and Procedures Of Progressive Group Task In SSB :

Following are the rules that the candidates have to follow :

  1. GTO will explain the procedure and requirement of the test for the candidates. 
  2. GTO will tell them that supporting material like plank, rope, balli, will assist the candidates in finding the solution of the problem. 
  3. In the Half Group Task in SSB, only one obstacle is to be tackled for which generally 10 to 15 minutes are allotted. 
  4. Candidates have to carry a load like a sandbag or an empty drum from the start line to finish line with the help of supporting material like plank, rope and balli. 
  5. While one group is doing the task, other groups are not allowed to watch. 
  6. Various structures available in the out of bounds area are bench shaped structures, goal post, raised platforms, cross-shaped structures and T-shaped structures. 
  7. All the other rules of the progressive group task except the group rule is also applied here. 

Colour Rule :

Red colour is out of bound. Structures that are painted white can be used by the individuals as supporting materials. 

There may be a central colour also apart from red and white. Structures painted with the central colour can be utilised only by the candidates and not to be utilised to keep load or helping material. 

If a candidate touches any out of the bound area, he will be disqualified and requires to restart from the point where the rule was broken. 

Rigidity Rule :

This rule pertains to the rigid helping materials like planks, baffles. No two rigid supporting materials can be tied together for making an extension. e.g. if you have a plank and a balli, you are not supposed to tie them together to increase the length. 

However, you can keep one on the top of the other and use it. 

Distance Rule :

In the obstacles, it will be seen, that neither you are touching the ground nor the helping material should touch the ground. 

You have to utilize the permanent structures on the ground and the helping materials to cross the obstacle. 

The candidates are allowed to jump distances up to a maximum of 4 ft in length or height but distances exceeding 4 ft have to be crossed only with the help of supporting material. 

Rule of Infinity :

The start line and the finish line should extend to infinity on either side. 


1. The given obstacle has at least 2-3 solutions. So, always look for the best possible solution. 

2. To find the best solutions, look at the structure as well as the supporting material then only you will have an idea which route to take. 

3. The planks can be used as a bridge or as a lever with the rope tied at one end and supported on a drum. 

4. If the distance is less than 4 ft then take a jump. 

5. Use plank and balli as cantilever beam whenever these are required. 

6. Tie the plank on the bench shaped structure with the help of rope. 

7. If required, the rope can be used to serve as a ladder too. 

8. Make a swing with the rope using the goal post. 

Important Points to be Kept in Mind :

Half Group Task In SSB plays a vital role for candidates. So, Try to take the Initiative by applying workable ideas… 

Once you have found out the solution, take the lead and explain it to the whole group… 

If your plan is acceptable to the group then ensure the completion of the task smoothly. 

• You should be an active participant throughout the outdoor task. 

• Help your group members to carry the helping material as it is reasonably heavy. 

• Never try to gain GTO attention by looking at him. 

• Always boost up the morale of your group members and keep on encouraging them. 

• Never lose temper or shout at others but be patient and cheerful.

 • Encourage the weaker members of the group and do not neglect them.

• If you are running short of time then do not get aggressive as it will ruin the situation. 

• Your body language should reflect enthusiasm, zeal, energy, interest, and smartness. 

• Your voice should be loud and clear. 

• Be particular about observing the rules and take restorative action whenever you break it. 

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