How To Make Money Online?

How to make money online?

Do you want to make money online? Do you want to know the best and fast ways to make money online? So, today in this post, I’m going to explain some  100% working, best and fast ways to make money online.

The ways which are mentioned below has the scope in present as well as in future. These techniques are not only for students as well as for Job seeker, Housewife, Working professional etc.

1. Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing :

♦ Affiliate Marketing is the best and fast method to make money online. There are thousands marketing companies like Amazon, flipkart which use affiliate concept for marketing.

So, there are three parts involve in Affiliate Marketing :

  • Merchant (like Amazon)
  • Affiliate (like you)
  • Consumer

♦ Basically these marketing companies sell their products through Affiliates means through you. When a consumer buy product through you, then you will get commission for this sold product. 

♦ To make more money through this method, there require a good presence on social media or perhaps you even have blog or website, you can start bringing in money immediately by promoting all sorts of products, companies, services and offers online.

2. Make Money with Blogging :

♦ Blogging is a great place to share your ideas, thoughts, useful information through web page in a user readable format.
♦ Blogging is a big industry where a huge number of blogs are posted. This method requires more patience and continue working. It pays you right of till you quit. It is a best way to make money online.
♦ The blogging requires a great passion to write something. It does not matter what is your interest are. You can blog about anything.
♦ To start blogging you need to learn programs such as HTML, CSS, PHP or if you don’t want to learn coding, you can start with content management system such as WordPress or Blogger where you will get everything pre-built.
♦ There are some tips to start a blog you need to know about these things :
  • Write valuable contents.
  • Set up your blog.
  • Promote your blog.
  • Share on social media.

3. Make Money with Online Surveys :

♦ Surveys are basically a set of questions asked to get a feedback from a group of people about any service or product.  By answering the questions which are asked, you will be paid if you successfully completed it. It is best way to utilize your free time and make money online.
♦ There are many international companies, which take online surveys of their products or services from the people. By this way they will get an idea of about their products or services that what are the opinions of people. 
♦ To join this program, you just need to register a free account with online survey panels and then need to complete your profile and start surveying of products or services. You will get money for every successful surveys.

4. Become a Freelancer :

♦ Freelancer is a great platform to do part time job. Here you can show your skill like writing, designing, managing Facebook pages and more.
As a freelancer, you can work with small and big companies on the temporary basis and provide them your service.
♦ You will get job like content writer, website designing, graphics designing or you can provide services like SEO, video testimonials, data entry, digital marketing etc.

♦ Some popular freelancing websites are listed below :

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Indeed
  •  CloudPeeps
  •  College Recruiter
  •  Guru

5. Make Money with PTC Sites :

♦ PTC stands for Paid to click. There are so many websites available that which offers instant real human traffic to a website or blog or business and in turn they will pay a small penny of the amount to those visitors for visit these sites.It is a business model. It is another best and fast way to make money online without any investment.
♦ In this method, you need to click & read the advertisements for 10 to 3o seconds and you will be get paid for each and every advertisement you view.
♦ The payment mode will be online such as PayPal or Payza. You get paid direct your account.

6. Become a YouTuber :

♦ In today’s world, YouTube is one of the hottest trend in making money online. There are a lot of YouTubers who makes money by uploading their quality videos on YouTube.
♦ Here you can make different kinds of videos like teaching, prank videos, comedy videos, travel tips videos, news videos etc whatever you think, is useful for people.
♦ Once you uploaded your videos on YouTube, share and promote your videos on social media to get more views and subscriptions.
♦ And then you can apply for YouTube partner program and after approval, people will see ads in your videos.
♦ You will make money for each ads views in your videos. 

7. Become an Online Seller :

♦ After affiliate marketing, it is another one of the best method to make money online. There are two ways to sell anything online .

  1. Your Own Products : To sell your own products, you can build your own website to sell your products.
  2. Become a Seller on famous shopping portal : If you don’t have your own products to sell then you can sell the products of other famous shopping portal like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. 

8. Review websites $ apps for cash :

♦ In this techno world, there are so many websites and apps are available which offers you to reviewing their websites and apps .
♦ You just need to join the program, and they will give you some websites and apps to review.
♦ You will get paid for each successful review.

9. Write and Publish Kindle eBook :

♦ The other best way to make money online is Writing and Publishing Kindle eBook. If you are a student and have a good skill to write then you can easily earn money by using this method.
♦ The global market of Kindle is huge. Almost every devices has Kindle app.
You just need to build information you have researched and compiled on a common problem and then show this in an digest format like an eBook.

10. Domain Trader :

♦ Domain trading is another high profit business to make money online. But there need some investment to buy domains.
♦ In this business, you must be an expert about domain trends, which type of domains are professional.
♦ You just need to buy domains from any domain registrar like GoDaddy, Domain Reseller etc and then in future you can sell these domains for hundred of dollars to the needy person.
♦ If you have purchased the domain of any not started company and after some time that company is started and company does not find the domain of their choice and in this case you can sell domain for a huge amount to company.
♦ The skill is required here to identify the great domains that are not registered yet and companies in future try to buy that domain.

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