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Hello everyone , welcome in another tutorial of Joomla series. As we have learnt in last tutorial to upload and install the template in Joomla. To continue  the Joomla series , today we are going to learn Joomla articles that how can we write a new article , how can publish the article , how can edit the published articles etcs…

So first of all , you need to go your Joomla dashboard and in left side there is an option Content in which there are four options as follows :

  1. New Article :  This is the option which provides you the feature to write a new article.When you click on this button , you will get a Joomla editor which facilitates you many options like heading styles , media adding, special characters , add link etcs.. which will be helpful to write a well defined and designed article. 
  2. Articles : when you will click on this tab , you will get the list of all articles by which you can select anyone  and can edit , delete , publish them etcs…
  3. Categories : this option provides you the list of all created categories and according to categories , you can easily filter your articles .
  4. Media : This option provides you the facility to upload media files in Joomla media library.



Creating new Article :

To create a new article , you have to click on New Article option and then you will get an editor where you can write your post as shown in below image :



In this editor there are a lot of options with different functionality as shown in above image.Let’s know about these options :


  • Title : The first option is Title where you have to provide the Article title.
  • Content : In this section , you have to write the content of your Article . You can easily add media files in your article where it needed.
  • Images and Links : This section is really useful .In this section , you can the featured image of your post and can give any link to this image as shown in below image :

  • Options :  It is next one part of article which facilitates you to set the layout , tags , title etcs at globally or not . If you don’t want to show to anything globally you can hide them from selecting hide option among them  as you can see in below image :

Publishing : This is very important steps in which you can give the meta description , author name , created date , keywords etcs …

  • Meta Description : In this option you have to write a short description about your article.Which will be shown your user when your article comes at search page. 
  • Meta Keywords : in this option you can provide the most searchable keyword , which will be related to your article.These keywords helps Google to rank your page.
  • Author : in this option you can provide the author name who has written this article . This name will be visible to your article readers.
  • Starting and finishing date : In this section you can provide the starting and finishing date of your article.
  • Modified date : This section represent that date when any modification  is done in your article.

  • Configure edit Screen : In this options you can provide the article visibility -Globally or not , show Administrator image & link globally or not etcs…options are available.
  • Now , once you have done everything perfectly as all settings , featured image , mete description etcs…after it you can publish your article live just by saving it .

So, these are the steps to write new article and publish it globally. I hope that you will have learnt everything clearly. If you have any doubt regarding to this tutorial , you can ask in comment box.Your question will be appreciated.

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