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Hello everyone , welcome back in the tutorial series of Joomla . In the  previous tutorial we had learnt the introduction of Joomla and now in this new tutorial we are going to learn the Joomla Installation in our system with live image demonstration. So let’s do this …

Step-I Install XAMPP–

So , before installing the Joomla , you need to install the XAMPP server in your system. 

So,i’m not going to show you how to install XAMPP in your system .I hope , you will have installed it already. So , i’m going continue with step II to install Joomla.

To install Joomla , first of all you need to start your XAMPP server as shown in below image :

Step-II Create Database

Once , you started the Apache and MySQL from the XAMPP , now you need to to go your  chrome browser and type localhost and press enter . Now you will get a new screen which will be dashboard of XAMPP.

Step-III Download & Install Joomla 

To download the latest version of Joomla , you need to go to the official site of Joomla where you will get the option to download Joomla as shown in below image :

  • Once you downloaded the ZIP file of Joomla . Copy this ZIP file and paste this ZIP file at here.

Local disk(C)→ XAMPP folder → htdocs folder → (create a new folder as your site name) and paste here in created new folder . As shown in below image :

  • Once , you pasted at here as shown in above image , now you need to extract this ZIP file in this folder . 
  • After the process is completed , you will find the following files in your folder and now you can delete the ZIP file which you had pasted at here as shown in below image :

Step-IV Configuration Settings

Now go to your browser and type localhost/mysite . Please remember that , here “mysite” is the folder name in which you extracted the Joomla ZIP file.

When you will visit the localhost/mysite , you will get a new screen for Joomla configuration setup before installing Joomla as shown in below image:

Fill all the option which is necessary .

  • Site Name– Full the name of your site.
  • Description– If you want , you can give the description of your site otherwise it is not necessary. You can leave it blank.
  • Email– Give here the email.
  • Username– Choose here username .
  • Password– Choose here a strong password to access dashboard.

Once you filled it , simply click on Next button located at right corner of page as shown in below image.

  • In next step , you need to configure the database.Fill the form and hit the Next button.
  • Before filling this form , once you need to create the database.So go to localhost and click on phpmyadmin and then click on Databases option 

  • Once you clicked on Databases option , you will be able to create a new database. Simply write the database name and select the collection and then click on Create option as shown in below image :

  • Once your site database is created.Fill this database name in database configuration form as shown in below image:

  1. Database Type– Fill the database type MySQLi
  2. Host Name– Fill the localhost in this option.
  3. Username– Choose the root username for simplicity.
  4. Password– You can choose any password but i recommend you to leave this null for simplicity.
  5. Database Name– Fill the database name which you have created in above step.
  6. Table prefix– Leave it default.

  • Once you filled this form , click on Next button.

  • Congratulations! Now your installation is completed. Now to access the administrator you need to remove completely installation folder as written in yellow tab in below image .Click on Yellow tab and after it click on Administrator button as shown in below image :

  • Now you need to fill these options like your username and password.

  • Once you fill the username and password , click on Log in button . Now you are in the Dashboard of your Joomla site as you can see in below image:

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So , here we learnt the Joomla Installation process with live image demonstration and in next coming tutorials , we will learn the components , settings of Joomla to customize our site. If you have any query regarding to this tutorial , you can ask in comment box . Your question will be appreciated. 

Stay Connected. Thank You !

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