Joomla menus tutorial

Hey everyone , welcome back in next tutorial of Joomla series . As we have remember that in last tutorial we had learnt about the Joomla Articles to write new article , edit them , publish them etcs.

Today in this tutorial we are going to learn Joomla menus which are most important component of Joomla Website.This helps to navigate through your website easily.So, let’s step by step procedure to create a new menu..

Create Menus :

There are few simple steps to create menus.First of all , you need to login your Joomla Administrator .

Once you are in your dashboard  you can see that at top there is a option menus , click on it and then click on Manage and then click on Add New Menu.

  • Step (I)-  Click on Menus → Manage → Add New Menu as shown in below image.

Joomla Menus

  • Step (II)- After clicking on Add New Menu , a new page will be open where you can add Menu title, description , Menu type etcs .. as shown in below image..
  1. Title : In this section you have to provide the Menu title
  2. Menu Type : In this section , you can provide the Menu type .
  3. Description : In this section you can give a short note about your menu.

  • Step (III)- Once you have filled all thing , simply click on save button presented at top of page as shown in above image.

Adding Menu Items :

In this section we are going to see to add menu items in created new menu.Joomla provides the facility to add these things in your menu as follows :

  • Articles
  • Contacts
  • News feed
  • Smart Search
  • System Links
  • Tags 
  • User
  • Wrapper
  • Search
  • Privacy
  • Configuration Manager

Step (I)-  Go to in Menus option then select that menu in which you want to add items as shown in below image :

Once you click on Add New Menu Item , you will get an page where you can add menu items and can save it. As shown in below image :

  • Menu Title : Write the new menu title .
  • Menu  item type : Select the menu item type from the given list.
  • Tags : You can give here some related tags to your item type.
  • Target Window :  You can set here the target window for this menu.
  • Template Style  :  You can choose here the templates which have installed in your Joomla site.
  • Visibility :  You can choose the visibility of menu means global or not.

Once you have completed everything , you can save it by clicking on Save button.

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So i hope, you will have learnt to create new menu and to add items in menu clearly.Stay connected , next tutorial will be published soon. If you have any question regarding to this tutorial , you can ask in comment box. Your question will be appreciated.

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