Joomla Template Installation Tutorial

Hey everyone , welcome back in new tutorial of Joomla series.In last tutorial we had discussed about the Joomla Control Panel .

In which we have learnt the features of Joomla to create our website. Now continuing the tutorial of Joomla series, today in this tutorial we are going to learn to install Joomla template.There are few steps to follow as :

Step-I Download Joomla Template :

  • The step-I says that , if you want to upload your own favorite template then you need to first download that template.there are a lot of Joomla templates are available on net .
  • Either you can download a free template or paid template. It is based on your choice. Then there will be option to upload this template. 

Step-II Start XAMPP Server and Login to Your Joomla Administrator :

  • Now , before login your administrator account , you need to start XAMPP server (Apache and MySQL) to access your site dashboard.
  • Once you have started the XAMPP server , now you need to go your browser and type localhost/”site name”/administrator/ and press enter . Now you are in your site dashboard.

Step-III Upload and Install Template :

  • Now you need to go in extension option which is present in middle upper side and when you will click on this tab then choose the option Manage.
  • And from manage option choose the choose the install option to upload your template as shown in below image :

Step-IV Set Default to Uploaded Template :

  • Now once you uploaded your template successfully , you need to set this template as default . So you need to go again Extensions option and then Templates option and then Styles option as shown in below image :

  • Once you will click on Styles option , you will get the list of your uploaded templates and pre-defined Joomla templates . Here you need to set your uploaded template as default. Steps are shown in below image :

Once you set the default to your uploaded template , now you can take a glimpse of your site by clicking on View Site option presented on left side at bottom as shown in above image.

So , i hope you will have learnt to upload and install your own downloaded template . If you have any query regarding to this tutorial , you can ask in comment box and it will be appreciated.

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