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Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview 2020


Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview 2020 :

 In this post, we are going to provide many times asked Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview.
Lecturette in SSB Interview is one of the most important topics. One needs to prepare well in Lecturette so as to make a good impression on the GTO (Group Task Officer). so here we are with some important topics for Lecturette that are generally asked in SSB Interview.
A list of different topics categorised as high, average and low level topics are given below : 

Lecturette High Level Topics for SSB Interview 2020 :

• About the Nuclear Reactors in our Nation , 

•War on Terrorism 

• Ethical Hacking . 

•COP-19 New Global Climate Treaty , 

•Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) 

•Democracy . 

•Arab Spring . 

•Disinvestment of PSUs . 

•G8 Nations . 

•World Sports 

Lecturette Average Level Topics for SSB Interview 2020 :

•The Unemployment Rate in India 

• Alternate Energy Sources for Fuel 

• Child Labour 

• Religious Tolerance in India 

• National Food Security Bill 

• Mangalyaan (Mars Mission) 

• Lobbying in Medical World 

• Ragging 

• Right to Education 

• Reverse Brain Drain 

• Girl Education in India 

• Single Parenting in India 

• Medical Tourism 

• Opposition in Democracy 

• Judicial Reforms 

• Nuclear Power 

• Cloning 

• River-Water Dispute 

• E-Banking 

• Indian Society – Turning to 

• Mid-day Meals 

• Political Leadership in India 

• Disaster Management 

• India’s Parliament 

• Gay Rights 

•Dictatorship Biodiversity of the World 

•Chemical Weapons 

•Convention IUCN Red List 

•Nuclear War 

•Legalisation of Abortion 

•India and USA in Changing World BRICS 


•Cloud Computing 

•Reservation Policy 

•Freedom of Press 

•Corruption in Sports 

•Acid Rain 

•CTBT and India Uniform 

•Civil Code Missile Development in India Kashmir Issue 

•Western Way of Life 

• Article 370 

• Aviation Industry in India 

• Naxallism 

• RBI 

• Greenhouse Effect 

Lecturette Low Level Topics for SSB Interview 2020 :

The below given topics comes under Low Level Topics for SSB Interview :

• Your Life Achievements 

• The Most Unforgettable Moment in Your Life ‘ 

• Your First Day of College Life 

• Dog: Man s Best Friend 

• Students Union Yoga 

• Cinema 

• Computer 

• Internet 

• Favourite Pass time 

• Mobile Phones 

• E-mail 

• Best Friend 

• United we Stand, Divided we Fall 

• Philanthropy 

• Smoking 

• Pure Drinking Water 

• Government School 

• Call Centre 

• Family Planning 

• Stray Cattle Menace 

• My Hobby 

• Bollywood Celebrities and Criminal Charges 

• Challenges in Life 

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