SquareSpace Tutorial

squarespace tutorial

Hey everyone , Welcome back in new tutorial series of SquareSpace Website Builder in which we will learn step by step to build a beautiful , fully functional and responsive website . It is the first tutorial of SquareSpace in which we will see the fundamentals of this website builder like how to create a SquareSpace account , how to choose a free template , what are the basic components of its etc…. So, let’s start….

So , basically SquareSpace is a content management system , website builder like other content management system as WordPress , Wix , Joomla etc… As , we have seen in some previous posts that Content Management Systems are such type of tools or technologies which facilitate to user build a beautiful , fully functional and responsive website without any coding skill. 

Basically there are few steps to start before starting to build our website . These steps are as follows…..

Step (I) Create a Squarespace account—

  • It is first step to start building website using SquareSpace that you need to first of all create a account . To create a account , you need to visit the official site of SquareSpace where you will get a option to Get Started as shown in below image . Click on it.

Step (II) Choose a Layout —

  • After clicking on Get Started button , you will get a new page where you will get some templates , layouts , fonts etc. You can choose anyone for your website as shown in below image.


Step (III) What is the purpose of your Website ?

  • In this step , It will ask you the Purpose of your website . Basically the meaning of purpose here is that what type of website would you like to build . As example it may be a eCommerce website , A photography website , Portfolio , wedding website etc… You can give this as specified area as shown in below image….

Step (IV) Choose a Templates—

  • After selecting the type of your website . SquareSpace automatically will show the some related templates to your website . As example ,  If you want to build a photography website , it will show the such templates which will be matched to your website type . If you don’t like any recommended templates , you can upload your own template . As you can see in below image…

Step (V) Start Designing Your Website —

  • After selecting a template for your website , here you can see your website demo according to your chosen template . As you can see a option in black box that Start With This Design . Click on this you edit this template according to your need . 

Step (VI) Create a Squarespace account—

  • So , after the above steps , you will get a form to create a account . You can create account by giving the First name , Last name , email address and password or you can create account by facebook and twitter as the option is available in below of this form.

Step (VII) You are inside the Dashboard of your Website —

  • Finally , after all these above steps , finally you are in Dashboard of your website . Here you can manage the themes, posts , pages , fonts etc . You can control everything according to yourself .  

So , it was the basic tutorial of SquareSpace Website Builder in which we learnt to create a account , choosing a template , layout etc. I hope , you will have enjoyed this tutorial . In next tutorial , we will learn the basic elements of SquareSpace Website Builder. 

So stay connected . Thank You !

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