SSB Interview

SSB Interview 1st Day Procedure

SSB Interview 1st day procedure

SSB Interview 1st Day Procedure :

The 1st day of SSB is also known as SCREENING TESTING. SSB Interview 1st day procedure includes 2 stages as Intelligence Test and PPDT. 

Intelligence Test :

It is called stage-I of SSB Interview 1st Day Procedure. Intelligence test (verbal and non-verbal) are similar to Intelligence Quotient (IO) test, normally conducted in any admission/entrance exam. 

These tests include grammar, verbal analogies, synonyms, antonyms, meaning of words, idioms and structure of the language, critical reasoning, verbal deductions. 

Non-verbal Intelligence test include a series of patterns and figures. You have to identify the pattern and choose the right option from the given answers.

Picture Perception and Description Test :

After the Intelligence test, candidates have to go through PP and DT (Picture Perception and Discussion Test).

 In this test, candidates are shown a picture and asked to write a short story based on their perception of the picture. 

Intelligence Test-Non-Verbal :

In non-verbal intelligence test, a series of patterns and figures are provided. The candidate has to identify the relation between figures and pick the correct alternative from the given choices. 
You will usually find questions on the following 
  • Analogy 
  • Series
  • Classification
  • Completion of incomplete pattern
  • Spotting out the embedded figure
  • Cube and Dice 

Intelligence Test- Verbal :

Verbal reasoning is the understanding and reasoning concept framed in words. 
It most specifically refers to more complex thinking tasks, such as analysis, synthesis and evaluation of text. 
It aims at evaluating ability to think logically and constructively. 
In verbal intelligence test a series of question is provided, candidate has to understand the pattern and pick the correct answer. 
The number of questions are generally 40-50 and time given to candidates to solve them, is 25-35 min. 
There is no negative marking, so try to attempt all questions. 
You will usually find questions on all of the following :
  • Spelling Test 
  • Sentence Completion
  •  Analogy 
  • Verbal Deductions 
  • Synonym and Antonym
  •  Direction Sense Test
  •  Classification
  •  Series 
  • Sitting Arrangement 
  • Blood Relations
  •  Logical Venn Diagram
  •  Ranking

Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PP & DT) :

Picture Perception and Discussion Test in SSB Interviews are conducted on day-1 and it is the second objective of Stage-I tests. 
As we know the first test is the intelligence test which involves Verbal and Non-verbal tests. 
These tests are geared to know more about the personality of the candidate in various shades. 
Let us keenly know and understand the ins and outs of the procedure involved in PP & DT. 

Meaning of PP & DT :

PP and DT as we already know mean Picture Perception and Discussion Test. In other words, it is to see a picture, understand it and describe it. 
Thus, SSB shows a picture for 30 seconds and gives 1 minute to write down the details of the picture. 
Depending on the picture, candidates are supposed to write a story of their own within a given time. This is the outline of the meaning of PP & DT. 
  • PP & DT are screening tests which are almost an elimination test of the candidates. This is conducted to know the candidate’s imagination power and description ability in a limited time. 
  • After the candidates are settled, the psychologist who is present there gives the instruction about PP & DT and tells what candidates should do exactly. 
  • The picture is displayed on the screen, for 30 seconds. The candidate gets 1 minute to note down the details of the picture and 4 minutes are given to write a story on the shown picture when the screen goes off. 

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