SSB Interview

SSB Interview 4th Day Procedure

SSB Interview 4th Day Procedure

SSB Interview 4th Day Procedure :

The SSB Interview 4th Day Procedure includes the following Group Tests.

These are conducted on the fourth day.

It includes following tasks :

  • Command Task (CT). 
  • Final Group Task (FGT). 
  • Individual Obstacles (IO) In this task, candidates go over 10 obstacles singularly in 3 minutes. 

Command Task (CT) :

 This is first task of SSB Interview 4th Day Procedure of GTO and is very much similar to progressive group task and half group task.
The difference is that, in the command task, each candidate is given the opportunity to be a leader of a group and he is required to command his group in carrying out a given task. 
Here, only one task has to be completed. Here, the candidate is the leader and he should choose 2 or 3 candidates from his group as his subordinates. The purpose of command task is to evaluate the commanding ability of the candidate. 
In this task, the GTO explains the problem only to the commander and not to the other member of the group.

Final Group Task (FGT) :

This is the final task in the group task categories. It is the last chance for the candidates to show up their qualities. FGT is 2nd stage of SSB Interview 4th Day Procedure.
In fact, final group task can be a deciding factor in the case of certain marginal candidates who have not been able to put in their very best so far. 
This test is same as the Progressive Group Task (PGT) and Half Group Task (HGT) but the difference is that in the previous two, you had to cross many obstacles but in this final test, you will have to cross only one. 
For this task, you will again be brought back in the group of 8 to 10 candidates. There is again an obstacle which is an area bounded by the parallel lines called the start line and finish line. 
The ground between the two lines is out of binding for both man and material. In this, out of the bound area, some structures are present and you have to use that to go from the start line to the finish line with all the men and supporting material. 

Individual Obstacles (IO) :

As the name suggests, in this task every obstacle is tackled by the candidates individually. It is 3rd stage of SSB Interview 4th Day Procedure.
This is a set of individual tasks which checks your minimum physical capabilities. 
These tasks are very basic and do not need any specific physical training. 
There is a total of 10 obstacles which you have to complete in 3 minutes. Mark to every obstacle is different. 
You are at liberty to attempt obstacles in your own order. These obstacles carry a total of 55 marks. 
Obstacles are in ascending or progressive order, as much as one goes further, the obstacles become more difficult. 
After completing all the obstacles within the time limit, you can re-attempt the obstacles to gain bonus marks. 
But, this is valid only when you have completed all the obstacles once.
Through this task, GTO assess the following qualities in the candidates
  • Physical and mental toughness of the candidates
  • Boldness 
  • Courage
  • Determination
  • Agility
  • Confidence
  • Risk taking the ability 

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