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SSB Personal Interview Questions and Answers

SSB Personal Interview Questions

SSB Personal Interview Questions and Answers :

SSB Personal Interview is always seen as the causal question- answer drive. But deeply, it is the common way to explore the candidate to his depth. Keeping this in mind, here we are listed some common SSB Personal Interview Questions and Answers.
SSB Personal Interview is a good chance for the candidate to create a good impression and shows the ability and dedication  to join the force.
The questions asked are very simple and common. But the way and matter of reply by candidates are always different.
Also, it’s very crucial so do not try to bluff if you don’t know how to bluff, and always be natural and relaxed because it will be very simple and to the point about your personal life. 
Some questions are normally asked by IO related to certain fields and candidates must answer them. So, we are here with some common SSB Personal Interview Questions.

SSB Personal Interview Questions : 1. Tell me about yourself 

How to Approach Generally, this is the first and most frequent question asked by the interviewer as a Personal Interview Questions. You should not start to tell all matter of things about yourself. 

Your intervie„; is not looking for a 5 minute dissertation here. Instead, give to the point answer Wit sentence or two that sets the stage for further discussion and sets you apart form the other candidates. 

Give them your ‘synopsis’ about you. You have to tell him what’s your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

Tell him your biggest strength and major benefit that armed forces will derive form this strength 

• “Sir, lam a project Engineer in Tata Motors. I am part of the project team that developed ‘Nano model’ within record time and minimum price” 

SSB Personal Interview Questions : 2. What is your greatest weakness? 

How to Approach There are many ways, you can answer this question. The smart Way is to mention skills that are not very important for the job or you can mention the traits you have improved on or simply mention how you turn a negative into a positive. 

For doing that you have to analyse the key qualities first which are required for the position and then come up with an honest shortcoming which is not essential for the position. 

Another way is to discuss traits or qualities you have developed or improved upon during your previous job, so in that way you are showing the interviewer that you can make improvement when necessary. 

“I like to make sure that my work is perfect, so I tend to spend a little time checking it. However, I always try to make a balance by setting up a system to ensure everything is done correctly the first time”. 

SSB Personal Interview Questions : 3. What is your greatest strength? 

How to Approach The best way to answer this question is to start with the attributes that will qualify you for the job. 

You have to describe the skills and experience that directly correlate with the demand of the armed force. 

• “I am good at organising things. When I am working on a project, I do not just organise the man and materials properly, but I prefer optimum utilisation of the resources within stipulated time”. 

SSB Personal Interview Questions : 4. Tell me about your previous job 

How to Approach When you’re asked about your previous job, don’t be too negative because you should not make the interviewer think that you’ll speak negative about the previous job or the company when you’re ready to move on, in case you get this job. 

Instead, it makes sense to talk about yourself and what you’re looking for in a new role. • I enjoyed the people working in the organisation. 

It is a friendly and fun atmosphere and I actually enjoy going into work each morning . I feel leading them is great as well They know all of their employees on a first name basis and try to make those personal connections. 

I also enjoyed the fact that the office tried to do community outreach with local organisations. 

SSB Personal Interview Questions : 5. Why do you want to leave your present job/Why do you want to join the armed forces? 

How to Approach This is one of the questions that is frequently asked in an interview. Regardless of the fact why you left, don’t speak bad about your previous job or organisation. 

Instead, be direct and focussed on your interview and answer on the future, especially if you are leaving under the best of circumstances. 

Prepare answer to this type of interview question, well in advance. Practice your responses so that you sound positive and clear, about circumstances and your goals for the future. 

The most important reason for leaving is that I felt I was not challenged enough at the job. For a new employee in the working world, the organisation offers a great opportunity for a good entry level position. 

However, after working there for so many years, I felt that I was not able to reach my full potential because of the lack of challenge and there was no space for advancement in the organisation. 

I did enjoy working there and developed skills, still I feel my skill set can be better utilised in Armed forces where my capabilities are recognised and there is an opportunity for growth. 

SSB Personal Interview Questions : 6. Describe a difficult work situation and how did you overcome it? 

How to Approach The interviewer asks this question because he wants to know that how you behaved in the past and what will you do in the future. 

So, always give your answer with concrete example of a difficult situation that you actually faced. Keep your answers positive and be specific. 

* In my previous job, when the product development stalled, I coordinated the team and reorganised the resources and managed to give the schedule hack on track. 

We were able to successfully troubleshoot the issues and solve the problem within a stipulated time. 

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