What is Technology ?


In this techno world , everything is surrounded to technologies.Technologies make our life easy but sometime it harms .Since time immemorial technology has enabled man the inventor to change his environment to survive, to adapt  , to grow , to change  . Now a days it provides every fast solutions to our society so it’s how we communicate it’s in how we entertain each other how we get our news or information and how we conduct research so it also allows us to be for more creative and advance.

It changes our lifestyle , way of thinking. Technology is incredible .It’s because of technology that i was writing this page , it’s because of technology to record yourself in camera DSLR. It’s because of technology that you are able to communicate with your far friends using facebook, whatsapp etcs… It;s because of technology that you are able to go in space.

In today’s world , technology is everything , technology has become  the big part of our life as like family member , from wake up to sleep we use technologies . 

Conclusion :

So over all technology is the collection of skills , many types of tools , techniques , processes etcs.. for the purpose of making life easy.

“Technology is , of course , a double edged sword . Fire can cook our food but also burn us”

Jason Silva