The 10 Best Sites For Finding An Internship In 2019

The 10 Best Sites For Finding An Internship In 2019

What is Internship?

» In general term, Internship is a temporary position obtained by a college student at the work location(company or organization) which may or may not be paid for a duration of time.
» Some companies/organizations offer internship work from home, means you can perform the tasks from home.
» Sometimes Work From Home internship is also called            Virtual Internship means intern gains experience while working in a remote professional setting and is not physically present at the job location.
So, in today’s post we are going to talk about the 10 best sites for finding an internship in 2019.

Things to do before applying for an Internship :

  1. You should apply early for internships on different platforms e.g., If you need a summer internship then you should start applying from month of January.
  2. You should have a great skill of writing resume and build a attractive resume for yourself.
  3. Make profiles on LinkedIn, Branchout, Zerply, AngelList, MeetUp and VisualCV to develop a professional presence online.
  4. Use your available resources like college network, companies, family members and employees to apply for an internship.
  5. You should have clarity on the specifics of the type of internship.
  6. You should be accustomed to Professional English(written) and Professional English(spoken) so that it’s easier for you to communicate with employees.

Why Internships are important?

There are so many reasons why internships are important in a student life :
  1. It helps you to understand the environment and culture of companies.
  2. It helps you to understand the tools and technologies which are used in companies.
  3. You will get an opportunity to learn more about your goals and expectations in your field of study.
  4. It helps you to build a healthy network of professionals which will help you in longer run.
  5. It helps to develop your resume and gives a belief to companies(during interview) that you could be a great asset to their company.
  6. It helps in your transition from working part-time to full-time job.
In today’s time, the most difficult job in the whole process is ‘finding an internship’  not to qualify in internship process. So, let’s talk about the 10 best sites for finding an internship in 2019 where you’ll find enough internship opportunities for yourself:

1. :

» It comes first in the list of the 10 best sites for finding an internship in 2019. It is one of the world’s largest internship marketplace, definitely a good online platform for finding paid or unpaid internships for college students.

» It is based in Burbank, California and is owned by textbook rental and educational services company Chegg and claims to currently have near about 144,933 internship positions from 94,334 companies located in 8,347 cities across the U.S. 

» You’r a quick search for internships in advertising in the Chicago area yielded 220 results, the vast majority of them virtual positions, workable from remote locations. 

» The service offers free postings, allows users to see which Facebook friends are connected to a given company and, of course, includes a mobile app for managing a job search on the go.

» You just need to provide them your major and preferred location, and they will list out results of companies for your possible internship. 

» The best thing of this website is that however, if you’re still unsure of which student job you want to take on, you can take advantage of their Internship predictor to guide you to the internship opportunity right for you.

2. :

» It is one of the best and biggest internship platform in India. Approximate 1.5 million students and 40,000 companies are associated with it. The user interface of website is very attractive and clean.
» It is another one of the 10 best sites for finding an internship in 2019.
» Internshala provides the notification of an internship whenever a company posts internship vacancies.
» The best thing of this website is that you can filter the internships according to your preferences like :
  • Location
  • Starting From
  • Category
  • Max Duration
  • Internships with job offer

3. :

» It features a blog and forum where you can ask for help on your application or just complain about your internship with complete strangers around the country, which is always fun. 
» This website lets you search for entry-level jobs, along with an easy search option that narrows down internships based on your location and interests, which come in handy for when you graduate.

4. :

» The great thing about is its connections to 3,800 colleges and universities to make sure that students are empowered to finding the right career paths early.

» This comes at no. 4 in the list of the 10 best sites for finding an internship in 2019.

» It is committed to bridging the gap between school and employment by matching you with potential employers in search of your competencies and strengths.

» Whether it’s an internship or an entry-level job you want, It have effective resources that can help you get one such type of job.

5. :

» This comes at no. 5 in the list of the 10 best sites for finding an internship in 2019.

» It includes all the job listings from major job boards, newspapers, associations, and company career pages.

» makes it possible to save searches and have internships/jobs delivered via email alerts through RSS feeds.

» also makes it possible for you to proactively search for internships and jobs because they have free access to millions of employment opportunities culled from thousands of websites across the net.

» So easy that even on those days you wake up with a killer hangover, you’ll still be able to continue your internship search. 

» You need to fill in only two blanks, what and where, it takes less than a minute to find internships. also gives you the option to upload your resume for employers to read; they can contact you if you fit a position they seek.

6. :

» This website’s founder Ami Dar’s vision of a network connecting everyone all over the world to collaborate and act on any issue that concerns them.

» At present, it is the most popular online platform for job seekers in the social sector.

» This comes at no. 6 in the list of the 10 best sites for finding an internship in 2019.

» It is founded in 1995, focuses on finding job seekers positions as volunteers, opportunities at non profits, and open internships. 

» The firm, which is based in New York City and Portland, Oregon, boasts 1.4 million visitors to its site and placement openings with over 100,000 organizations. 

» A quick search conducted in late January for internships – in no particular geographical region – yielded just fewer than 1,900 openings.

» connects any idealist with more than 100,000 organizations and resources for volunteer and open internships to transform their good intentions into actions.

7. :

»  It is a user-friendly site that aggregates job listings and includes employer websites, staffing, and placement firms, job boards, and additional background information about organizations. 
» This comes at no. 7 in the list of the 10 best sites for finding an internship in 2019.
» The best things of this website is that, additional tools and filters help focus searches and make individual preferences, such as pet-friendly and eco-friendly companies, easy to find.

8. :

» If you’re the adventurous type, you would certainly enjoy looking for the right internship at CoolWorks!

» This comes at no. 8 in the list of the 10 best sites for finding an internship in 2019.

» The website promises finding you a job at great places, which include national parks,  ski resorts,  conservation centers, summer camps, and retreat centers.

» CoolWorks definitely knows how to strike a balance between work and fun, especially since they believe that you can and should love your job.

9. :

» This career search website is not available to everyone so check with the Career Development Center at your college to see if they subscribe.

» This comes at no. 9 in the list of the 10 best sites for finding an internship in 2019.

» If yes, this is a very valuable internship and job search tool because you can get results from nearly every career site and job board out there.

» The site allows you to save and organize companies and contacts and send resumes to select companies either by direct mail or email.

» You can also make direct contact with hiring professionals working at companies you’re interested in.

10. :

» This is a very popular wesbite for students searching for Internships. Along with internships, this site features Events happening around the country.
» Other very useful feature is Courses, where students can buy courses and learn online. Currently, the site features Java, Andriod and Professional Email writing courses.
» It is a platform which gives students access to a gamut of opportunities. The opportunities range from internships in diverse roles to scholarships, conferences and other student competitions and events around the world. 
» It exists to educate and enable students to take more initiatives. It was founded in the year 2009 and the headquarters are in Chennai, India. 
» They have specialities in Internships, Online Courses, College Events, Workshops, and Symposiums. 
» The popularity can be seen by this ranking. It has Alexa Global Rank: 73,276 and Alexa India Rank: 5118
» This comes at no. 10 in the list of the 10 best sites for finding an internship in 2019.

So, I hope you will have found this post useful. If you find this post may be useful to others also, please share this post with your friends.

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