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Tips & Techniques to be a good Programmer

Tips & tricks to be a good programmer

Hey everyone , Welcome back in this session . Today i’m going to show you some tips and guidelines to become a good software developer. So , let’s start …
» The first thing i want to say here that your knowledge is your portfolio .So you need to invest regularly in your knowledge portfolio .
» So , let’s understand this by an example and this example is based on a smart investor who wants to invest in share market .So knowledge is something like investing in the share market .
» Now an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest always . A smart investor invests regularly . He manages his risks between the high risks shares and low risks shares and time to time he reviews his portfolio .

(1) Learn a new language every year—-

  • In a same way a good software developer learns at least one new language every year and why i’m saying this because whatever your core language is in which you are working professionally might not be the perfect choice in the future because technology now a days is changing very fast . New technologies come and old technologies take the back seat but what stays is your fundamental knowledge .
  • Now if you learn some new language every year , let’s say you are a c++ developer which is the object oriented language and if you learn every year a new language like python , scala or any other new languages , these languages are multi paradigm programming languages so you get to learn functional programming language , you get to learn procedural programming language , data structures ,which increase your knowledge about software development .
  • So try to learn at least one language every year.

(2) Read a technical or non-technical book —-

  • The second thing i would like to share that , read a technical or non-technical book every quarter.Everybody knows that reading books is a good habit So i don’t want to add anything to it .
  • I just want to suggest that reading books help a lot . It helps in writing , helps in gathering , it helps to broaden your knowledge so try to read at least one technical or non-technical boo every quarter if possible.

(3) Take classes —-

  • The third suggestion is that take classes about whatever you want to learn . Now nobody is an expert of all software languages.
  • There are experts of their domains ,and their software languages or some technologies and they have the professional knowledge to teach you and you should learn them . There are many resources which you can refer to grow your knowledge .

(4) Try to participate in local user groups or events —-

  • There are many software development events going on all the years related to all the type of technologies which are privilege now a days .
  • So  you can search for those events online and can participate to show your skill and to learn something new from it ,  because there are all shorts of speakers and they are experts in their domain and they transfer their experiences to participants and you can learn a lot from them if you are inspired to learn .

(5) Experiment with different environments—-

  • A software developer always should try to do experimental things by which they can learn something new from them .
  • For example want to become a java developer or you are a java developer so we know that java programs can run on any operating system like windows , mac os , linux based etc… So if you are expert to work on windows , you should try to learn at least windows and linux and experiment on them .

» Now let’s talk about some tools and techniques which are essential for yous software development career.

Following tools and techniques are used everyday by software developers . So let’s see these tools and techniques one by one —

(1) Version control system–

It is first tool you need to learn any version control tool like git , and version control system like

  • github
  • BitBucket .

(2) Text Editors–

Second tool you need to work with a text editor as your choice . There are many text editors like

  • Atom
  • Visual studio code
  • Sublime etc..

(3) Learn terminal commands–

  • Try to learn terminal commands to compile your codes or deploy your codes with the help of terminal commands . This will give you a confidence that you don’t need any special tool in order to work with the programming language .

(4) Learn to debug–

  • It is fact that you can not avoid bugs in your software and nobody can write a software which doesn’t have any bug so try to learn to debug code .

(5) Continuous Integration —

  • Learn any continuous integration software.It helps you to test your code , compile your code , deploy your code so it helps you to handle all the life cycles or all the important steps of your software .
  • Now a days there are many software for this like…
  • Jenkins
  • Travis CI
  • GitLab CI etc…

» Learning Resources —

There are some the best resources which may be helpful in your career of software development .

  • Coursera
  • Udacity
  • Khan Academy
  • Topcoder
  • Stack Overflow
  • HackerRank
  • Codechef
  • Hackerearth

So , i hope you will have enjoyed this session . If you have any question regarding to this session , you can ask in comment box . Your question will be appreciated .

Thank you !

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