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In this section we are going to see what is web designing. Generally we listen two terms web development and web designing.Today i’m going to show you what is difference between web development and web designing..

Web Development vs Web Designing–

In the early days of web the answer of question to that is simple that designing takes place where where no essential coding knowledge is required like HTML , CSS , JAVA SCRIPT …

Web designs governs everything involved with the visual aesthetics and usability of their website like color scheme , layouts , informational flow and everything else related to the visual aspects of the UI/UX designing experience. 

The skills & tools thats are used for web designing are like as Photoshop , Illustrator and other design software.

Web designer used to design the outer look and feel of your website as the same an architect would make a plan of your house prior to start building it.

Where web development takes place to develop and build the functionality of a website that how a website works. 

To learn web developing you should have the knowledge of coding languages which are used for web development like HTML , CSS , JAVA SCRIPT and theirs frameworks and libraries.

Here , Web development are again categorized in two parts- first front end development or client side development and second is back end development or server side development.

Front end development interacts with clients , interfaces of website , how website should be visible to clients is front end and to interact with server / database is back end development. 

Once a design model of website is completed , web developer can start developing the website.

To become a front-end developer , the three languages HTML,CSS,JAVA SCRIPT are used for front end developing.

To become a back-end developer , the knowledge of PHP , Ruby on Rails , Java , Python etcs.. are required.

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General Required Skills to become a Web designer—

There are many things to learn before starting as a web designer as follows..

  • The knowledge of designing tools like Adobe photoshop , Illustrator , and other softwares which are used for layout design of website.
  • A web designer should have also the good knowledge of graphic designing and logo designing.
  • A web designer should have a good knowledge to brand the website , how to use color pattern , styles that makes website attractive to users.
  • A good web designer must be also up to date with latest design trends.

Here one thing always comes in mind of every web developer and web designer that we know all about the front-end developer , back-end developer , web designer , web developer but who is this Full Stack Developer?

Full Stack Developer–

As the name clears that Full Stack means a developer which have the good knowledge of development and also designing. 

The main skill of full stack developer is that he will be able to build a website from scratch , also taking care of designing , creating the mark-up of design , handling database / server side designing etcs…

So i hope, this is enough for introduction of web designing , developing and full stack developer…If you have any query regarding to this post , you can ask in comment box . Your question will be appreciated.

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