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What are Officers Like Qualities

Officers Like Qualities

What are Officers Like Qualities?

The main aims and objectives of the SSB test are to test the officers like qualities in the candidate. For this, he/she goes through various types of test. 

The selection system in the SSB is such that it envisages and finds out an individual, who after training, can become an effective and well-adjusted leader with the potential to function in all kind of situation both in peace and war. 

Officer like qualities is discussed in the following paragraphs : 

1. Effective Intelligence :

 It comes first in the list of Officers Like Qualities. It is different from basic intelligence, which is related to abstract thinking and assessed by the use of intelligence tests like verbal or non-verbal test whereas effective intelligence utilized in coping with practical challenges of varying complexity. 

Effective intelligence has two aspects :

  1. Practical Intelligence This is related to the capacity of every individual to evolve independent solutions of challenging problems and situations. 
  2. Resourcefulness This is related to the capacity of every individual to optimum utilization of available resources. 
2. Reasoning Ability :

It is an ability to grasp the essentials of the given situation correctly and arrive at conclusions by rational and logical thinking. 

It comes at position second in the list of Officers Like Qualities.

Reasoning ability includes receptivity, inquiring attitude, and logical reasoning. 

Receptivity means to understand and absorb new condition. For that candidate must have interest, attention and grasping power. 

Inquiring attitudes means curiosity for surroundings and logical reasoning means the ability to arrive at the result through the process of rationality without affecting from emotional factors. 

3.Organizing Ability :

It is the ability to arrange the resources in a planned and systematic way so as to produce effective and maximum result. 

It comes at position third in the list of Officers Like Qualities.

Here, management of resources means both men and material and also time. This is necessary to obtain the desired output in a given situation. 


4. Power of Expression :

It is the ability to put across your ideas and thoughts adequately and correctly to others. 

It comes at position fourth in the list of Officers Like Qualities.

Power of expression should be lucid, precise and effective. 

5. Social Adaptability :

It is the ability of an individual to adapt his surrounding that means, his social environment. 

It comes at position 5th in the list of Officers Like Qualities.

It is very necessary to adjust with your colleagues which 1 includes your superiors, equals, and subordinates. 

Social adaptability includes social intelligence, attitude towards others and facts. 

6. Cooperation :

It comes at position sixth in the list of Officers Like Qualities. It is the attitude and ability of an individual to participate in the whole heartily in a group and give his contribution to achieving the desired result. 

It includes the collective effort and team work. To work in a team, your loyalty should be on the aim and objective of the group. The individual aim has no value to cooperate in teamwork. 

7. Sense of Responsibility :

It means an individual willingly discharge his duty and obligation on his own. It includes a sense of duty and discipline. 

It comes at 7thposition in the list of Officers Like Qualities.

Sense of duty is related to faithfully and firmly doing their assigned work. Whereas discipline is related to the sense of acting, strictly in accordance with rules and regulations. 

Sense of responsibility also means doing your best regardless of the situation or condition. It means one cannot blame others for his responsibility. 

8. Social Effectiveness :

The 8th quality in list of Officers Like Qualities is Social Effectiveness. Social effectiveness includes qualities like initiative, self-confidence, speed of decision, ability to influence the group and liveliness. 

The 8th 

(i) Initiative It is the ability to originate meaningful action. It means the ability to take the first step in an untested situation, with the right direction and continue this action until the desired goal is achieved. 

(ii) Self-Confidence It means the faith in one’s ability and move forward with a positive attitude to meet the challenges and utilize the opportunities that come in your way. 

 (iii) Timely Decision Taking Ability It is the ability to implement the work at hand expeditiously, appropriately and in a cost-effective manner. Feasibility and practicability are also important factors to include in quickly arriving decision taking ability. 

(iv) Motivational Ability It means the ability to influence the group. This influence is the main cause of cooperative and willing effort of a group towards achieving the desired result. One must have the quality to lead by examples. Liveliness It is the ability of an individual to always maintain a cheerful atmosphere around himself. To have liveliness, a person must be optimistic, vivacious, spirited and smiling even under pressure conditions. ). 

9.Dynamism :

It is the ability to sustain an effort to achieve goals in spite of difficulties. 

It comes at position ninth in the list of Officers Like Qualities.

It includes physical and mental toughness and will power. It is the capacity to force oneself along when under pressure and urgent situation. 

10. Courage :

 Courage is another one of the important quality in Officers Like Qualities.It is the ability to overcome your fear and take a purposive risk to complete your task. 

It includes a spirit of adventure, an enterprising spirit and capacity to keep oneself cool and compose in adverse situations. 

11. Stamina :

Stamina of candidate also comes in list of Officers Like Qualities. It is the ability to withstand protected physical and mental strain. It also includes endurance which means to maintain your physical and mental strength over a long period of time. 

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