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What is TAT in SSB Interview?

TAT in SSB Interview

Thematic Apperception Test TAT in SSB Interview :

Thematic Apperception Test TAT in SSB is one of them  ‘Psychological tests’ conducted by the SSB Interviews, . 
It is conducted on the Day-2 of the second stage of the tests. 
It is conducted to bring out the real personality of the candidates, which is revealed by the candidate’s interpretation of stories through which the positive and negative qualities of the candidate have emerged. 

MEANING OF TAT in SSB Interview :

It is the second objective test employed by the SSB interviews, to test the personality of the candidate. 

In TAT test, 12 pictures including one blank picture are shown. Candidates are asked to write a story on the pictures shown. 

The story should be sketched around what led to the situation? What is going on and what would be the outcome in the pictures displayed. 

Each picture is displayed for 30 seconds and candidates are asked to write the story in 4 minutes. 

In the blank slide, candidates are asked to think a picture of their own choice and write a story around that. 

It is also a test of the candidate’s imagination. If an outline or hazy and vague picture is shown to a candidate, he will interpret it according to his imagination. 

There is a difference in the test when compared to picture discussion test i.e. as in the picture discussion test, the candidates are asked to write the parameters like age, sex, mood, and action of the characters in the picture. 

These pictures, therefore, stimulate the thought processes of the candidate and his ability to weave around a story. 

It is a method of exploring matter from a person’s subconscious mind by stimulating his fantasy and interpreting it. 

The candidate is encouraged to come out with ideas and inner hidden or latent material, which will not be available to us normally.

Following points should be kept in the mind while the candidate attempts TAT in SSB Interview :

1. The TAT involves the picture projection and story writing depends on t.11(the picture showed. 

2. Totally 12 (11 + 1) pictures are shown, where ’11’ pictures are with them, and characters from which the candidates make a story and the `12th’ or Iasi one is a blank picture, where the candidate should imagine a story. 

3. The pictures are displayed for 30 seconds and the candidate is given 4 minutes; to write a story about the picture seen. It is continued for all the 12 pictures. 

4. The picture consists of one or more than one person. The blank picture is usually shown in the last. 

Guidance to Attempt TAT in SSB Interview :

Following tips are very useful as well as crucial to attempt TAT in SSB successfully. 

• Practicing the story writing keeping in front of some picture is advisable for the candidates who have cleared the screening test. 

• In the test room, when the picture is shown, it is very essential to observe the picture attentively and make out the objects and characters shown. Also, keep in mind that the picture is displayed for only 30 seconds. 

• It is good to be calm, positive for looking at the picture and perceive the theme to write a story. 

• It should be kept in the mind that the picture centers around a person usually a hero or a heroine through which the action of the story is shown and your story is reflected through the description of the hero and a story. 

• If you are not able to finish the story within the given 4 minutes, then pass on to the next picture shown, so that you do not miss the subsequent picture… 

When it comes to the last blank picture, it is advisable to write the story based on the theme of the immediately preceding picture to make the story more natural and real. 

These above points will help to get success in TAT For the same purpose, here we are providing example pictures for practicing story writing on different themes. 

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