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WAT in SSB Interview, What is Word Association Test

Word Association Test WAT in SSB

Word Association Test WAT in SSB :

Word Association Test is the one among the psychological tests conducted by SSB. 
It is conducted on the Day-2, Stage-II of the psychological test after TAT.


WAT in SSB is a projective technique in which the individual is presented with a list of words one at a time and asked to respond with the first idea/thought that comes to his mind. 
This test is also known as idea writing test. 
In other words, it is a test of personality and test of mental function in which the subject/the candidate is required to respond to the words shown, with the first thought that comes to the mind. 
The word shown can be used in any form, i.e. the word ‘awoke’ can be used as awaken and awakening. 

In the pure psychology test, it usually consists of a hundred stimulus words that are read out one by one to the person who is supposed to answer as quickly as possible with the first word that occurs to mind. 


The Word Association Test WAT in SSB is a common method within psychology which has been used to reveal the private world of an individual. 

The test reveals the candidate’s verbal memories, thorough processes, emotional states and personalities. 

Thorough the process, psychologists examine the nature and probabilities of the response words and sometimes the amount of time it takes to respond.

This test was devised by a famous psychologist to show the person’s reality and autonomy of unconscious complexes. 


  1. In WAT, candidates are shown a total of 60 words. 
  2. All the 60 words are shown one after the other. 
  3. Each word is shown to the candidates for 15 seconds. 
  4. During this 15 seconds, the candidate has to read and understand the word, think about an idea or a meaningful sentence and write it down. 
  5. The meaningful sentence to the word should be written in a booklet provided for the purpose by SSB. 
  6. Out of 60 words, at least 45 has to be attempted. 

Tips to Successfully Attempt WAT in SSB :

Below are given useful tips to crack WAT successfully:-

• WAT in SSB is conducted to know your creative thinking and imaginative ability, try to make your own sentences. 

• Let your sentences be more positive and constructive in approach with practicality. 

• While assessing the test, it is keenly observed whether the meaningful sentences are constructed or not, so make a logical, meaningful and grammatically correct sentence.

• Do not write borrowed or memorized sentences instead make real sentences. This can be done only by having a good vocabulary of memory. 

• Do not be under the impression that making sentences related to army and navy will fetch credit instead they show that your responses are not natural and spontaneous. 

• Finally practice constructing sentences related to the social, economic and political and cultural field of the country. 

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