wix tutorial step by step with no step skipped

Hey everyone , welcome back in the tutorial of Wix website builder . I’m going to start a tutorial series to create a free website using Wix website builder .

In this tutorial series , I’ll explain everything , every components of Wix step by step . In today’s session , i’m going to give you a brief introduction of Wix , it’s components and about this tutorial series . So let’s start …..

Before starting the website building , i would like to share some tips to create a fully functional and responsive website . 

Before starting to create a website , you need to do something regarding to your website like…

(1) Brief—

  • What is your website about ?

If you are planning to create a website so first of all you need to understand that which type of website you want ? What will your website about ?

  • What content is needed ?

Once you planned to create a website and you have decided the type of website then in next step you will need the contents for your website . So collect the reliable content for your website.

  • Have you got any ideas to think about ?

(2) Research—

  • Have you seen competing website ?

Once you have planned for website , collected the contents for website , now it is the time to research about your competitor’s site . Observe their’s website and do include something different from them to attract more traffic/users on your website.

  • Are there any related designs ?

Research it that your website’s design  should not be similar to other’s website . You have to design totally different from them .

  • Do you have the correct content ?

Before posting the contents on your website , you need to verify with carefully that are these contents are correct ? if yes , you can upload them on your website .

(3) Design and Planning—

  • How many pages will be included ?

Before starting website building , everything related to your website must be cleared in your mind like how many pages do you want to put in your website ? Plan for it .

  • Do you want to sell products ?
  • Color theory , font , logo , gallery ?

(4) Development—

  • At the development stage you will now hopefully understand roughly how your website will look and feel !

What is Wix—

  • Wix is a website builder in which you don’t need any coding skill like HTML , CSS , JAVASCRIPT .
  • It is free and open source means anybody can use it and create own website using Wix.
  • It is a content management system means it provides you everything predefined which may be useful for creating your website like WordPress and other content management system…
  • It provides you the facilities to make a fully functional responsive website.

In the next coming posts , i’ll explain the following things step by step which are the components of Wix …

  • Wix Setup
  • Wix General Settings
  • Wix Media
  • Wix Menus & Pages
  • Wix Posts
  • Wix Add
  • Wix Backgrounds

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So , it was the basic introduction of Wix and Wix tutorial series . I hope , you will have enjoyed this tutorial . In next tutorial , i will explain to create wix account and wix dashboard .

Stay connected . Thank you !

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