Hello everyone , this is the first tutorial of learning WordPress in which we are going to learn WordPress installation process in our system.Before installing WordPress , let’s know what are the system requirements for WordPress.

Step-I Check the System Requirements–

To install the WordPress in your system , your system must have already installed the database ,Web servers , operating system , Browser as following compatibility…..

  • Web Servers–Download and install any web server in your system if you are not installed.You can download the anyone web servers according to your operating system compatibility.
  1. WAMP (Windows)
  2. LAMP (Linux)
  3. XAMP (Multi-platform)
  4. MAMP (Macintosh)
  • Operating System– Windows , Linux , Mac OS etcs..
  • Browser Support– Google chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 etcs..
  • PHP Compatibility– PHP 5.3 or above .

Step-II Download WordPress–

  • To download the latest version of WordPress , visit the official site of WordPress- and at the right corner of home page , you will find the Get WordPress link as shown in image as red highlighted box . Simply click on Get WordPress link.

  • After clicking the Get WordPress tab , you will find a page to download the latest version of WordPress . Click on Download WordPress 5.02 and your download will be started soon and one zip file will be downloaded.

Step-III Unzip the Download and Create Database —

  • Go to the folder where unzip file of WordPress 5.02 is downloaded.Right click on this file and click on extract here the zip. After extracting the zip file , you will find a WordPress folder in which all WordPress file will be placed.

  • In next step – Start your web server if you are using XAMPP server , start the Apache and MySQL module as shown in image.

  • Once you launch them , you can easily see the green start status as shown in image..

  • Now to test your working of local server , go to the browser and type http://localhost/ and press the enter. If you running well and step by step , the page will be shown as follow , it means you have a functioning XAMPP server on your Windows PC.

  • Now , after setting the local host server , it is time to install WordPress in your system.
  • To install WordPress , copy the WordPress folder which is found after extracting the WordPress zip file.
  • Then, go to XAMPP folder which will be present in your local disk(C) .Go inside the XAMPP folder and find the htdocs subfolder :

  • In htdocs folder , create a new folder for your site test.Once you created the folder , paste the copied WordPress file or you can extract the WordPress zip file at here and after extracting the zip file delete the zip file.

Step-IV Create Database–

  • To create database , go to localhost server on browser and click on phpMyAdmin…

  • Now click on Databases tab as shown in image…

  • After clicking on Databases tab , write the the name of database same we are created the folder in htdocs wordpress test side and then click on Create tab as shown in image..

Step-V Start WordPress Installer :

  • After creating database , now you are ready to install wordpress in your system .Now simply visit in your browser : localhost/folder name : in my case folder name is wordpress test site so i will visit the following : localhost/wordpress test site

  • Now you will be able to see something like the following image :

  • After it click on wordpress folder the installation process of wordpress will be begin as shown in following image :

  • Now choose your language and hit the Continue button . After this , it will ask you for confirmation that are you created database or not . As we know , we have created a database already , now hit the Let’s go button.

Now it will ask you to enter your database connection details .. enter them like this :

  • Database Name : name of database you created in Php my admin like wordpress test site.
  • Username : write the username as “root”
  • Password : i recommend you to leave this blank.

  • Now press the submit button , your installation will be started as normally. Once you complete the process , you will see the following window of WordPress :

Woohoo ! it’s working.Now start building your website with WordPress.

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