Hello everyone , welcome back in series of WordPress tutorial.In previous tutorial we have learnt about the WordPress comments , now in this tutorial we are going to learn all about WordPress plugins means What are WordPress plugins , how they use in WordPress , how can we install , hot to customize them , how to manage WordPress plugins etcs… are going to discuss in this tutorial.

So, let’s start….

What are WordPress plugins–

So basically , if you want to add some extra functionality in your WordPress site , you need to install WordPress plugins.Some WordPress plugins are completely free but some plugins are paid.

Ex. If you want to add social icons in your WordPress site , you can easily install any plugin for social icon.

If you want to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in your site so you can install Yoast SEO plugin completely free for WordPress site SEO.

If you want to see the traffic , no. of page views, bounce rate of your WordPress site , you can easily install Google Analytics plugin  in your WordPress site.

So , these are the important roles of WordPress plugins in WordPress

How to Install a WordPress plugin–

To install any WordPress plugin , simply follow the following steps..

Step-I    To install new WordPress plugin , go to the left side of your WordPress dashboard and in bottom side Plugins tab is present , click on Plugins tab. This step is shown in below image :


Step II–   When you’ll click on Plugins tab , you will get the list of all installed plugins if you have installed.

  • To add new WordPress Plugin , simply click on Add New tab and search your plugin by Plugin name as shown in below image :


  • After clicking on add new tab , search here your plugin which you want to install :


  • Once your desirable plugin is found , simply click on Install Now button to install the plugin as shown in image :


Once your plugin is successfully installed , you can activate it to manage.

How to Upload Plugins in WordPress :

 If you want to upload any other downloaded plugin from your computer then simply click on Upload Plugin button as shown in image and then Choose File from your computer where Plugin is downloaded and then simply click on Install Now:

How To delete , deactivate , update WordPress Plugins :

If you want to delete , update deactivate etcs… any WordPress plugins then you should have to follow these steps :

  • Click on Installed Plugins Button
  • Select those plugins which you want to delete or deactivate or update
  • Go to bulk options section and choose desired option
  • Hit the Apply button for take action.

Customize the WordPress Plugins :

Now , we are going to see how to customize plugins in WordPress.The customization of WordPress plugins can be done in following few simple steps.

Step-I  Before starting customization of plugins , it should be installed . Now go to left side of your WordPress dashboard and click on Appearance . When you click on Appearance , you will get a list of some plugins as shown in below image :

Step-II In my case , i’m going to customize Lightbox plugin as highlighted in above image.When you will click on lightbox , you will get the customization tools from where you can customize according to your choice . Once you have done the customization process , simply click on Save Changes button as shown in below image:

So , these are the steps to install any WordPress Plugin or update , deactivate , delete. I hope that you will have learnt easily with live demonstration of steps using images. If you have any question regarding to this post , you can ask in comment box , your question will be appreciated .

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