In previous post , we have learnt the installation process of WordPress and successfully installed the WordPress latest version in our system.In this post , we are going to learn how to write our first post and publish it live.First of all you need to login in your WordPress dashboard as shown below after login ..

Step I-  Now after entering in WordPress dashboard , move your cursor on posts then you will find four options as shown in below image..

  • All Posts– when you click on all posts , it will show the list of posts whatever you have published or saved in drafts.
  • Add New– when you click on Add New , it will allow you to create a new post and open an editor where you can write your specific post.
  • Categories– when you click on Categories , it will show you all categories which are related to published posts.
  • Tags– when you click on tags , it will show you the list of tags which are related to published posts.

Step-II Click on Add New–

To write your first post , you have to click on Add New section as shown in above image.After clicking on Add New , you will get the editor page in which you can write the content of your post.

First of all you need to write the title of your post and then write the content of post below to title bar.WordPress editor provides you many facilities to write your post effectively like All types of Heading style H1,H2,H3,H4,H5 and H6. You can choose as your post compatibility.

Features of WordPress editor :

  • Heading Styles : It provides the all types of Heading styles like H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6. You can use anyone as your post compatibility.
  • Text Style : It provides you different types of text style like italic text , bold text and many more.
  • Add Link : If you want to add URL of any page whatever , you can easily insert URL and can make the text clickable.
  • Color Style : It provides you color facility by which you can add color in every blocks even you can make your text colorful.
  • Words Count , Heading Counts , Paragraph Counts , Blocks Counts ,Document Outlines : It is a great feature of WordPress editor that it gives you the total count of words,blocks,headings,paragraphs , document outlines whatever used in your posts.
  • Auto Saving : It is also an important feature of WordPress editor that it saves your content automatically while you are writing your post so you don’t need to be worry while writing post.
  • Images Adding : It provides the facility of image adding in your post by which you can add image in your post if needed.

Step-III Publish Post– 

  • After writing the first post , either you can save it as draft or you can Publish it live.To publish the post live you need to click on Publish button present in left upper side as shown in below image..

  • If you are thinking that somethings are missing in published post so you need to go all posts option and here you can choose your post in which you want to add missing things . You can also set featured image in your post.

  • If you want to delete any post , then go to in all posts section , choose posts which have you to delete and apply the bulk option move to trash and then go to Trash posts and apply the permanently delete action as shown in below image :

That’s all for WordPress Posts , now in next upcoming post we will learn how to create our first page in WordPress.

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